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Four Great Ways to Play a Classic!

on Aug 12, 2009

How do you take an all-time classic and make it even better? IWON shows us how with four different ways to play one of the best card games ever - Solitaire! If you haven't tried any of these variations, you are missing out, my friends!

Addiction Solitaire - The game lives up to its name, folks. I swear, I started playing this and found myself continuously saying, "Just one more..." Same thought I have with designer handbags!

Speed Turbo Solitaire - Fast and furious...just like me at a sample sale! Only here, you don't need a credit card, something my hubby truly appreciates!

Golf Solitaire - Why is this game is called Golf Solitaire, you ask? I don't have the foggiest idea. But it's still awesome!

Pyramid Solitaire - Here's a game where the number 13 is anything but unlucky.

I've been the most into Addiction Solitaire as of late, but being the unpredictable bird I am, you never know where you'll find me. How about you? Which Solitaire satisfies your gaming needs?