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IWON's New Makeover!

on Aug 27, 2010


So we've been telling you about upcoming changes to our homepage for a few weeks now and the wait is finally over! You've had a chance to soak up our new background colors and tell us what you think and today we'd like to introduce you to the new and improved IWON. 

Everything you need and love on IWON is still intact - we just moved things around a bit so they're easier for you to access when you need them.  We truly believe that these changes will improve your experience on the site by making it even simpler for you to do the things you love doing on IWON - playing games, winning prizes, and having fun with your friends!

Also, based on your feedback, we decided to remove the IWON Facebook application links from the homepage. We hope that doing so helped make room for the more important stuff that you use more often on IWON.  If you'd like to access the Facebook applications, just be sure to bookmark these links for the IWON Game Zone and Picture This! Applications. 

We really hope that you are as enthused about these changes as we are.  We're looking forward to making your experience here on IWON even better, so tell us what you think and stay tuned for more cool updates!

Enjoy & Good luck!